Monday, April 5, 2010


Ever feel like you need a break from reality? Do you sometimes find yourself daydreaming and wishing you could really just leave the pressures of life behind and enter your dreamworld? The Sight Below’s new album might be just what you need to give you that final shove.

The 50 minute album gently eases you into this sort of semi-conscious trance in which your whole body is totally relaxed and your mind is free to wonder. I know I sound like some strung out old hippie right now but trust me, I’m not kidding.

It All Falls Apart is the perfect album to listen to while smoking loads of weed and noticing the pleasant texture of your ceiling. I can’t really provide you with any highlights off the album since all the songs sort of blend together- but in the best way, like a nice watercolor painting. I can tell you that the band does cover Joy Division’s “New Dawn Fades,” and that the last track of the album, “Stagger” has some definite underwater vibes.

All I know is that once the stress of all my final papers and exams really starts to set in, I’m going to be relying heavily on this album to get me through it. I suggest you do the same.

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