Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yuck - Yuck

Yuck is a band that extends from Hiroshima to New Jersey and London. Originating from three different continents, the band is not at all an ethnic bundle of world music; but a truly impressive and solid alternative rock band.
The 5-piece band has a really distinctive sound. With an obvious 90s grunge influence, Yuck has a basement youth sound balanced with polished vocals and easy melodies.
Their self-titled album provides a perfect balance of upbeat songs and softer more emotional ones. Songs like “Rose gives a lily” immediately reminded me of Sonic Youth’s instrumental jams; with distorted guitars and pedal delays. “Get Away” and “The Wall” have heavy guitars and low-fi male vocals similar to the Strokes.
Other songs like “Suicide Policeman” and “Suck” are calm and nostalgic. You can truly sit back and relax after a long day to a song like “Stutter”. It flows really well, giving you space to doze off and daydream but still remembering the music.
This is an album truly worth hearing from start to end; it can satisfy any mood.


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