Thursday, February 17, 2011

**WECB DJ ALBUM REVIEW** Banjo or Freakout

After hearing Banjo Or Freakout's eponymous release, the answer seemed simple: freakout. Having been fooled once by the title of the artist and fooled again by the self-same title of the CD, I was unsure about the contents within. Soon, however, I got into it: Banjo Or Freakout is everything you would expect from a one-man indie band, and then some. Complete with soft vocals, distorted keyboards, and the melancholy angst of an acoustic guitar that never graduated high school, the songs on this CD might remind you of a myriad of other bands- it might even be indistinguishable from a myriad of other bands- but I'm all for variety, and if Italians, experimental electronic vocals, and a lonely melody are the kind of things you're into, there's no reason not to listen to this CD. 
Recommended Track: 105 
-Review by Gabriel Albright, host of WECB's "Bluegrass Between the Cracks" Wednesdays @ noon

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