Sunday, June 26, 2011

Primacy Effect Caracas take away

I’ve spent the best part of this summer traveling around South America. I missed Buenos Aires because of a volcanic hash cloud from Chile, but I got to spend 2 amazing weeks in Brazil pretending to speak Portuguese (which came out as ‘portu-├▒ol’). One of the highlights of the trip was in Venezuela, where we did our own version of a take away show. We brought our friends and as many instruments we could carry inside a cable from the bottom of Caracas to the top of a mountain. Check it out!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Da Comrade! on DIY [VIDEO]

I first saw Da Comrade! perform way back in November of 2009. They played at a house in Allston, and I fell hard (both figuratively and literally... I passed out on a pals couch after their set). They had a sax, a cello, grumbling-to-twisted vocals, and one member was sporting a green Eagles cap. Since they were from my hometown, I sized them up, and guessed that they were from West Philly. I was right.

And what does being from West Philly mean? Take any art form  (visual, poetic, auditory) and fuse it together with inspiration from comics, records, museums, friends, friends of friends, cultures, beer, newspapers, streets, Ethiopian cuisine, patterns, some Fellini, a dash of architecture, and the "damn, we're broke, lets get creative" mentality.

And this is familiar right? Da! comes out of a DIY supported community, one that helps shape their vaudevillian-doom-metal aesthetic that I've grown to love and play constantly on my musical electro device.

WECB's interview with Da Comrade! last month turned into a thoughtful conversation on the DIY scene, a scene that so many of our favorite local musicians work, grow, and thrive in. Ch ch checkout the video above.

Thanks to Kristy Robinson for her editing skills.

Check out Da! on social sites. Their working on new record yo!

Friday, June 17, 2011


HEY WHOA! This is the deal: A month ago WECB heard that a couple of our favorite Philly bands were coming to town to play in the depths of Allston's DIY scene. We wanted interviews. How did we get them? A couple smiles and a lot of cheap beer. Their visit was that type of what-the-hell-happened-last-night? fun and so, after a month long hangover, we finally got the vid-ocumentation for all of you!

MORE IMPORTANTLY! We talk a lot of positive smack on DIY music, especially on our favorite Boston bands. LETS SUPPORT IT by givin' some funds to FAT HISTORY MONTH and UGH GOD (filmed below) so they can get the hell out of town and on the road for the Summer!!!!!!!!exclamationpoint!


Friday, June 10, 2011

help a homie out: ROYAL BLOOD's 2011 CROSS COUNTRY TOUR

this summer, one of WECB's staff favorite boston based DIY bands Royal Blood is endeavoring to head out in a across country tour! for the most part they have been playing exclusively in boston (outside of a few kickass shows at SUNY Pourchase) and are rearing for an escape and of course a wider spread fan base. however, these guys NEED more MONEY than they have to do it.

as a result they have started this kickstarter account with the hopes that they can reach their goal.
they've come up with some seriously inventive rewards for your donation (not just some band tees and cd's-- although those are also available). if you donate now the band will send you: something special and personal from a band member, post cards while on tour, they'll even write you a song for only $100 dollars, etcetcetc.

i dont really think i need to say much else, the band's lead singer/guitarist Brock Ginther has made a lil vid telling you everything --more articulately than i have been doing here.

not convinced?


A SIDE NOTE: this band is made entirely of emerson 2011 graduates (Erik Magnus, Brock Ginther, and Michael Brierley), and as this is primarily anemerson based blog I EXPECT SOME LUVIN.

i've donated, you should too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

one gem from my summer: Digital Leather

sorry for the lagging on summer posts. me and margs have conflicting work schedules so it has been damn near impossible to schedule time for meetings. so far my summer has mostly been mainly filled with top 40s (and the new PRIDE radio station my manager is so fond of) as i organize and sell a hoard of accessories at my summer job in the boston tourist breeding grounds, leaving me little time for music relevant to us here or even me. HOWEVER today i just found a new fav, Digital Leather-- waking up at 7am did me good today.

i honestly can't say i've done much research on this band so far, one thing i do know is that they are one pretty kickass band from seattle, washington. they're just the right amount of catchy, grimy, and grim for my taste. they've got some of their old music on their myspace, though, it is this new song "Blackness" off of their forthcoming album Infinite Sun that really caught my ear.


also, summer laziness took hold. don't expect too much capitalization from this bitch till fall semester.

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