Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Da Comrade! on DIY [VIDEO]

I first saw Da Comrade! perform way back in November of 2009. They played at a house in Allston, and I fell hard (both figuratively and literally... I passed out on a pals couch after their set). They had a sax, a cello, grumbling-to-twisted vocals, and one member was sporting a green Eagles cap. Since they were from my hometown, I sized them up, and guessed that they were from West Philly. I was right.

And what does being from West Philly mean? Take any art form  (visual, poetic, auditory) and fuse it together with inspiration from comics, records, museums, friends, friends of friends, cultures, beer, newspapers, streets, Ethiopian cuisine, patterns, some Fellini, a dash of architecture, and the "damn, we're broke, lets get creative" mentality.

And this is familiar right? Da! comes out of a DIY supported community, one that helps shape their vaudevillian-doom-metal aesthetic that I've grown to love and play constantly on my musical electro device.

WECB's interview with Da Comrade! last month turned into a thoughtful conversation on the DIY scene, a scene that so many of our favorite local musicians work, grow, and thrive in. Ch ch checkout the video above.

Thanks to Kristy Robinson for her editing skills.

Check out Da! on social sites. Their working on new record yo!

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