Tuesday, June 7, 2011

one gem from my summer: Digital Leather

sorry for the lagging on summer posts. me and margs have conflicting work schedules so it has been damn near impossible to schedule time for meetings. so far my summer has mostly been mainly filled with top 40s (and the new PRIDE radio station my manager is so fond of) as i organize and sell a hoard of accessories at my summer job in the boston tourist breeding grounds, leaving me little time for music relevant to us here or even me. HOWEVER today i just found a new fav, Digital Leather-- waking up at 7am did me good today.

i honestly can't say i've done much research on this band so far, one thing i do know is that they are one pretty kickass band from seattle, washington. they're just the right amount of catchy, grimy, and grim for my taste. they've got some of their old music on their myspace, though, it is this new song "Blackness" off of their forthcoming album Infinite Sun that really caught my ear.


also, summer laziness took hold. don't expect too much capitalization from this bitch till fall semester.

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