Saturday, May 8, 2010

Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts

Do you ever want to take your aggression out by head banging to an awesome rock song? As Male Bonding's first LP, they provide you with the high volume, guitars, and drums so you can swing your neck on that first riff, but quickly assume its upright position when you realize that it's not head-bang-able. In fact, I don't think anyone is really sure what to do with the songs on this album.
With the opening of Male Bonding's new album Nothing Hurts, we get mixed signals from "Year's Not Long", injecting us with a slight twinge of excitement when we hear the Black Kids-esque sunny guitar riffs. The drums and guitars that follow don't fit well together and make my body, well, uncomfortable. The vocals in "Your Contract" are just as gentle and soothing as Fleet Foxes, yet the instruments clash and make for an unpleasant melange of fast-paced guitar riffs and uneven cymbal-crashing. The song that made my ears perk the most was "Franklin", as it resembled a Plants and Animals song, "Guru". A lot of the songs don't give us anticipation to know how they will unfold, especially with "All Things This Way". I give Male Bonding credit for attempting to mix soothing vocals with noisy instrumentals, but the sounds are just too uneven to sound cohesive.

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