Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Glitch Mob- Drink The Sea EP

Upon downloading this EP I immediately knew i would love it, with a track titled "Drive it Like You Stole it" how could i not? Although only 1/2 of the EP is worth hearing that's just fine because there are only two songs. "Drive it Like You Stole it" is a powerful and fun track which can't help but make me think of The Fast and The Furious... while that is not really my jam as far as movies, I am very guilty of loving the soundtracks (i know i know, I'm not proud). The bass is so heavy and consistent, with just the right amount of reverb on it, and the short vocal track is just airy and sparse enough to compliment the hell out of the treble track.

To be fair the second track "Between Two Points" is not awful, just not my style. Its a slow moving and spacey trek that simply just isn't interesting enough to justify the time you have to dedicate to listen to it. The slow beat is fairly consistent on the low end, while the higher notes jump around through different textures and plug ins. Really it's only that if I have to listen to an other arty, auto-tuned, electro track with a girl who sounds an awful lot like Rhianna I'm almost positive my hair will fall out.

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