Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sightings - City of Straw

I consider myself someone who appreciates experimental music and that embraces anything that is different, but I can honestly say that the album Sightings from the band City of Straws only sounds like noise. And not any kind of noise; the noise that makes you want to rip your head off. When I started hearing the song Hush I thought there was something wrong with my speakers, but as I heard all the song I realized that I was either going crazy or that this band sucks. Their songs truly feel like a high-pitched beep that is slowly making you deaf; which is probably the case of all the band members. If the music were striped down to a more natural sound it could actually be good. The problem is all the weird effects, reverb, and juxtaposition of beats that don’t even match up well together. There is so much distortion in the sound that I wonder how this record even got made. The most acceptable song is Weehawken; which still gives a headache after a few seconds. Modern music should still sound good; it shouldn’t just be random noises with the excuse that it is experimental.

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