Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Campbells - The Inside of Out There


After giving the album a quick run through, our music staff came to the conclusion it didn’t sound half bad and we decided to add it and review it. The album has some serious 90's vibes, so I jumped on the chance to write the review. I’ve been listening to the CD all week and while I still like it, some songs have really started to get on my nerves. In other words, the honeymoon's over.

The first song, "Stuck out in Space," is definitely a highlight. The fuzzy guitar with harmonizing vocals make for a great radio hit... if it was 1996. "Liquor and Drugs" sounds like straight up Soundgarden. A slow, steady base line and drum beat paired with wailing guitar riffs and some really great vocals make this song my favorite one on the album.

BUT.... I must warn you- this CD contains buttrock. "Bend" is buttrock to the extreme. Super trebley piano, shallow drums, real high vocals, just all around annoying. Even the lyrics bug me. Some other songs are borderline. Use your discretion, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m not going to force this album down your throats, but if you feel like escaping all this 21st century electronica bull shit and going back to beanies and hackie sacks, then The Inside of Out There is worth a spin.

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