Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972

Ambient music is a reflection of yourself; it is an unconscious state of mind that you get lost in.
If you listen to Tim Hecker’s newest masterpiece, Ravedeath 1972, you will not help but see yourself through a mirror of sounds. With dissonant piano melodies over infinite synth beds, this album creates a weightless atmosphere of noise. Every song is highly synthesized which provides a huge sense of space. Each song creates echo patterns like waves in the sea. Some pieces are more oriented towards electronica while others are neo-classical. Yet the entire album is tied together perfectly with repetitive motifs and a theme of death. There is a sense of perish, like something beautiful is ending.
The power of this music is that it can make you feel anything and everything. At some points in a song you feel limitless hope in the world while other times it can make you feel so down it hurts. These songs can multiply anything you are feeling whether it is being nostalgic of a lost past, torn between love, scared of the future, or confused about the world. This album is the best soundtrack to accompany your deepest emotions.

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