Monday, March 28, 2011

Poly Styrene "Virtual Boyfriend" -- Bad Placement

Unfortunately, with a modern boom in the popularity of electronic music, there is an abundance of tracks that fall slowly into generic, unappealing sound. This often happens where music better suited for film is produced as a track, or when an artist lacks innovation or creativity.
The track ‘Virtual Boyfriend,’ and the two accompanying remixes, bundled in a download by artist Poly Styrene; all give the vibe of a bubble-gum, pop anthem from the eighties. When the vocals kick in the song enters into a Barbie play world colored with poorly conceived sound progression.
So the music is not worthless, it could benefit a Disney movie, or it could be a satire on modern teenage divas. As far as music produced to stand on its own, and add to the quality and productivity of electronic music, Virtual Boyfriend falls short of what I feel merits a quality recommendation.

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