Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke "This Mess We're In" [VIDEO]

Ya know what's good to dig? PJ Harvey's Let England Shake. At first it is hard to audibly digest, if it were a food I would say its a tangy asparagus but anyway, once you adjust to Harvey's pitchy trembling vocals, you'll feel good because it sounds nice. Think about it, it's an album chock full of rich light sounds, hardly any calories really. Try the clap happy track "The Words That Maketh Murder"  as your first serving, then follow it with "In The Dark Places" a moody tune with well executed tension. My favorite track is "England." It sounds as if Harvey's voice was superimposed onto Harvey's voice for a terribly coordinated sing-along round. I thought, hey, this would be cooler if Thom Yorke was singing this song and with that lingering in my mind for a month, I decided to visit the old tube box. There I found a video for "This Mess We're In" a collaboration between Harvey and Yorke. This isn't new, and I don't know why or how I started this with an awful food analogy, but here's the video:


p.s "The Words That Maketh Murder" clap happy?! Did you listen to the lyrics? But it's so catchy!

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