Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whitehaus Family Record Blast

This past sunday 3/20, The Whitehaus Family Record presented a music-art showcase of DIY bands from Jamaica Plains. The lineup was a mix of poetry and music.

The whole visual theme of the show was really cool. The performances would alternate between a main stage and a fort-like tent on the other side of the room. The stage was decorated with quirky little artifacts and huge yellow boxes with smiley faces.

A band that stood out was Free Pizza. With a folk-rock new wave sound, they had great stage charisma. They seem like a band that time traveled from the early 90s to today.

Dressed like characters form Saved by the Bell, they were striking for eyes and ears.

This Blast Festival is touring for the first time. So if you missed their show in Boston you still have a chance of catching them around the country.

March 27, 2011 @ BUOY Gallery, Kittery, ME Featuring Gracious Calamity; Morgan Shaker; Peace, Loving; Casey Rocheteau; Brian S. Ellis; Chris North Dream Quartet; Many Mansions; Hurricanes of Love; Manners; Welcome Home; Shai Erlichman; Brendon Wood plus special guests MMOSS

March 30, 2011 @ Marlboro College, Brattleboro, VT Featuring Peace, Loving; Chris North; Jimmy Ambulance; Brian S. Ellis; Morgan Shaker; more…

April 1, 2011 @ Silent Barn, NYC Featuring Morgan Shaker; Peace, Loving; crab trees; Casey Rocheteau; Chris North Dream Quartet; Brian S. Ellis; Many Mansions; Hurricanes of Love; Welcome Home; Shai Erlichman plus special guests Cloud Becomes Your Hand

April 2, 2011 @ Danger Danger Gallery, Philadelphia Featuring Pancho the Kid; Chris North; Morgan Shaker; Peace, Loving; Jimmy Ambulance; Many Mansions; Hurricanes of Love

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  1. Blast Fest was awesome and totally worth checking out!


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