Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grinderman - Grinderman 2

Nick Cave is a man of many talents. Musician, songwriter, author, and most recently, leader of the rock band Grinderman. With the second Grinderman release, aptly named 'Grinderman 2', Cave continues to show off his impressive range of musical talent.
The album opens with the rocking ‘Mickey Mouse and The Goodbye Man’, a classic Cave-esque song in which he yelps and howls about vampires and wolves. The track is also filled with loud, distorted and swirly-sounding guitars. The following track, “Worm Tamer”, continues the pattern of rocking and hooky tracks that additionally have extremely sinister and creepy lyrics. Another standout is single, “Heathen Child”, a 5 minute long thumping and catchy track.
The thing about Nick Cave related projects, however, is that they sound relatively similar to some extent. If you’ve never heard any Cave, then ‘Grinderman 2’ might not be the best place to start (it certainly wouldn’t be a BAD place, though), however if you have ever found yourself enjoying ANYTHING Cave has previously done, then buy/download this album. I can nearly guarantee you that you’ll find something you like.

-Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man

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