Thursday, October 28, 2010

Idlewild - Post Electric Blues

These days, good bands are deviating more and more towards the “indie sound”. Ten years ago this was extremely interesting and original, yet today every indie band sounds the same. It’s reached such a point of over saturation that now bands are just boring to listen to. Sadly this is what I felt while listening to Idlewild’s new album, Post Electric Blues. I’ve heard and liked many of Idlewild’s old songs, which have a distinctive quirkiness and sweetness to them. Yet this album is filled with typical rock songs that are honestly quite boring. All of the songs give out an initial feeling of excitement but then they all die out into predictable melodies. They have no real fire to them because they are completely formulaic. Even the drum beats are the standard beat of every rock song you’ve already heard. Overall the album is like the song, “To be forgotten”. After hearing the entire album I felt indifferent towards what I heard and couldn’t even remember an individual song that stood out. Nevertheless if you are still really into the indie sound, the songs “Take me back in time” and “Readers & Writers” are pretty good. Post Electric Blues is not a bad album, but we all need to hear something new.

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