Friday, October 22, 2010

J+J+J - High Voltage Feast is Almost Here

J+J+J is an electronic duo, turned couple, turned husband and wife named Joanna (synth and vocals) and Johny (synth). This left me to question what the third ‘J’ in the name stood for, and after a tiny bit of research I found out that they met at a church parking lot concert, the third J is for Jesus.
To put it simply, J+J+J’s new album High Voltage Feast is Almost Here falls under the category too many albums do. That is the: “Wow there are some great instrumentals… but holy hell the vocals suck so hard,” category (I am sure we are all familiar with this one, and can name at least one band that falls within it.)

Really though, when each track began I found myself getting sucked into what I thought was going to be an OUTSTANDING, simple, throwback electronic track. Having personally just started fooling around with analog equipment to generate electronic beats, I have a newfound ear for the work that went into the beats on this album. Each track on the album has a different instrumental aesthetic that is created with these synthesizers…. But this is all blown out of the water once the vocals from Joanna come in. This can't be chalked up to this being a D.I.Y. band or anything... I am just going to be blunt: they are flat, off key, and remind me of Gravy Train!!! gone wrong-er.
So, if you seriously miss Gravy Train!!! I would recommend downloading this album, if you aren't… just pass it by.

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