Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Masters of Reality: Pine/ Cross Dover

Pine/ Cross Dover. More like Pine/ Cross Dresser.
Masters of Reality’s latest album seems a bit confused, but don’t worry- the good parts are oooooh sooooo good.

The band (a.k.a. Chris Gross and a slue of musicians constantly being replaced) has been experimenting not only with different styles, but with different musical genres all together since it was formed in the ‘80s. In the beginning, Masters of Reality was likened to Kyuss and the whole “desert rock” scene. This sound comes through loud and clear (well, slightly distorted I suppose) on a number of tracks on the new record, like Kind Richard TLH, Absinthe Jim and Me, Always, and Up In It.

Beyond the handful of songs that can be clumped together in the desert rock category, the rest of the album is pretty sporadic. You’ve got your ambient noise -Johnny’s Dream, your fuzzy blues -Rosie’s Presence, and even a good ol’ funky jam session -Alfalfa. However, the entire album is tied together with the overarching distorted drone. Even when things get a little more upbeat, there’s still that fuzz going on in the background.

Ahh, sweet, sweet fuzz.

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