Monday, November 1, 2010

Infantree Growing Out of Infancy

 Infantree came of age at a time when more was more in the Indie music scene. The more keyboards, the more vocal effects, the more synthesizers a band boasted, the more praise they got from Pitchfork- think Animal Collective and MGMT. But somehow this young southern Californian band was able to escape the fad unscathed and has gone from recording in basements to playing SXSW in just one year.
It wasn’t always this way though. “I think we were trying a little too much,” said Jordan Avesar, drummer. “Now we just try to get to the simplest form of the song, the skeleton.”
“Over embellishing… it can just get to be too much,” said Matt Kronish the guitarist/ banjo player. “Yeah, you don’t always need all those instruments,” added Don Fisher. Fisher, by the way, is in charge of  “all those instruments,” playing bass, mandolin, keys, and guitar.
Infantree’s simplistic sound has gotten them plenty of attention. The band is now signed to Vapor Records, had their documentary “Food for Thought” shown at Bonnaroo this past summer, and performed at SXSW in Austin, Texas last March. Although they didn’t get to see any bands play at the festival- other than “some weird Russian” group- they described the experience, their first major gig, as “eye-opening.”
“It definitely makes your skin a little thicker, seeing all your competition there in one place,” said Alex Vojani, the guitarist/ lyricist.
But Infantree need not worry. Their unique sound and small band likability factor has given them a running start on the music scene. The band is currently promoting their newest album, Would Work, on their first ever tour, which kicked off in Cambridge, MA October 19th at T.T and the Bears.
Would Work is one of those albums you put on and instantly feel comfortable with. It’s loaded with perfectly blended harmonies and catchy rhythms. Listening to it, it’s easy to forget that the guys making the music were just jamming in their basements not long ago. Some highlights off the album are To & Fro, Mourning Glory, and Rubbed Raw.
Stay tuned to WECB’s New Music Show on Wednesdays from 6-8 to hear these songs and more! Also, make sure to keep an eye on Infantree’s Myspace for the upcoming Mourning Glory music video.

-Mariella Minton 

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