Monday, November 15, 2010

Eux Autres - Broken Bow

Recently the California surf sound seems to be back with female vocalists. The brother/sister band, Eux Autres seems to fit perfectly in this new music crave. They have an undeniable resemblance to Best Coast, with a female voice that seems sung through a handheld megaphone. Yet the vocals in Eux Autres have the perfect amount reverb and distortion.

Their newest album, Broken Bow is filled with beach-like sunshine songs; with fast guitars and sweet piano melodies that float on top of the effortless drumbeats. The songs have a basic song structure yet they have a quirkiness that sets them apart. “Jamais” is a song in French that features the singer Heather Larimer’s lo-fi voice with a perfect tone and harmonization. “Under Rays” is a song The Beatles would of written if they lived in California. And “Rosehill”, which features a male voice provides a great compliment between vocals.If I were on a road trip to the West Coast, this would definitely be the soundtrack of my ride.

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