Monday, November 15, 2010

Cee-lo Green - The Lady Killer

Cee-lo Green has got a hell of a lot to live up to. His flawless single, “Fuck You” made it onto basically every party playlist since it was dropped over the summer, and everyone is on the edge of their seats to hear The Lady Killer, his newest release. Let me tell you how excited I was to see this album title on the list for this week’s review. Furthermore, I get to be the proud bearer of good news in letting you know that this album is everything it should be.

The Lady Killer opens in true grandiose fashion with one of the sweetest intros I have heard in a long time. Sultry piano? Check. Dramatic horns? Check. Badass lines about ladykillin’? Mother fucking check! This doozy of an intro draws us straight into the synth-driven, dance-beat-boppin “Bright Lights, Bigger City,” a song that drips with 80s influences. Cee-lo’s voice is in perfect form as he croons sweet lines like, “Friday is cool, but there’s something about Saturday night.” Sweeping synth strings and a reverbalicious bridge drive the final 80s nail in this dancehall coffin.

Following "Bright Lights" comes everyone’s favorite tune, “Fuck You.” There isn’t much to say about this song that hasn’t already been said so I’ll leave it at that. The song rules. The rest of the album flows smooth-as-silk. The soulful beatcentric “Bodies” may not be the strongest song on the album but damn is that chorus infectious. It’ll stay in your head for a while. From there, we are taken on a trip through time and genre from the gospel meets pop vibe of “Satisfied” all the way to a 50’s high school dance anthem aptly titled “Old Fashioned.

In all, this album is astoundingly cohesive. It’s timeless. With something for everyone and a huge buzz, this album is going to tear up the charts. There’s nothing not to like. Although songs like “Wildflower,” which drags on a little, break up the smooth pace, they don’t stray far off the path and it’s still easy to find a groove. Cee-lo’s gonna kill a lot of ladies with this album.

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