Monday, April 11, 2011

Tron Legacy: Reconfigured

This reconfiguration of the Tron Legacy soundtrack, by Daft Punk, is a dynamic collection of remixes. Artists build off the futuristic, cyberspace atmosphere, created in the original version, with their distinct styles. Each of the fifteen tracks complements its own original, with progressive twists that are offered throughout by an impressive collection of Dj’s.

The album kicks off with a filthy remix of Derezzed by The Glitch Mob. The dichotomy created by their stop-and-go, up-and-down, style over the beaming sound waves of Daft Punk is such a perfect example of what makes this album a valuable listen.

Other big names such as The Crystal Method, Boyze Noize, and Pretty Lights have remixes on the album, all of which are quality infusions of their various sounds with the Tron tone. Moby even has a remix, which is pretty good, and for some reason seemed like it could be an anthem for a Lion King soundtrack reconfiguration.

Teddybears, a Dj that I hadn’t previously heard of, contributed an awesome remix to Adagio For Tron. There’s a killer drop at about one minute, and thirty-one seconds in. Sander Kleinenberg also had a sweet remix of the End Titles.

Overall this is a collection with an uncommon abundance of well-established artists, and good original work.

Despite the soundtrack, and jaw dropping visual effects, Tron did get old with its corny Disney dialogue. If I were to sit through the movie again, I would definitely want to watch a version with the Reconfigured soundtrack as the score. Not to say it would be better, just pretty cool.

Check out the album; enjoy the remixes, and multiple Jeff Bridges voice samples.

Be easy.

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