Monday, April 4, 2011

CORRECTION: Royal Blood at The Middle East Upstairs APRIL 6TH

Soooooo.... I made a pretty big boo boo in my SHOW PREVIEW for Royal Blood.
Their show is not on the 6th of March, but instead of April. I know this, and using deductive reasoning, i bet some of you figured this out too. However, because I fucked up baaaasically 1/3 of the important information in the posting I wanted to make sure that all of you who read the post also got the correct date.

Sorry for the delay on the correction. WISH SOMEONE HAD SAID SOMETHINGGG


original post (now, with correct date)
"These guys are pretty damn awesome, as one of the only Emerson based bands our staff seems to be down with and we're (well, at least I'm) pumped for their headlining show at the Middle East. Their overall sound is a little hard to pinpoint, a bit of pop punk, homefried country, and a light dusting of metal jams... living somewhere between Pavement and The Descendants and just a stones throw away from Karp. With their arms length library of quick high energy zingers, you can always rely on Royal Blood to put on a good show. They'll be heading into the studio soon and we're looking forward to it's release.

However, while you're drooling all over your keyboard waiting for a full album check out their bandcamp AND be sure to head out to Cambridge for their show on April 6th at the Middle East upstairs."

good god i hate myself sometimes

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