Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It starts off quick, like your driving through a dark tunnel. At twenty seconds you shoot out into a bright, colorful landscape. White Denim orchestrates the rest of the trip in their newly released single, Drug.
The blunt title and consistent use of the word- Drug initially felt heavy handed. Sharp guitar rifts, and a truly well developed classic rock sound kept me intrigued.
After a few listens I was able to find some thoughtful, and honest meditations on the overall attraction of Drugs.
A seeming desire for honest expression in this song is paralleled on the White Denim website, where free downloads, and a letter from the band shows an admirable approach to creation.
We can tell that these guys have a pure desire to share their tunes. This is fueled by a belief that listeners will show support through donations, and the simple act of listening. While we can appreciate this, it all comes back to the music.
Drug is a good song that brings a feeling of retro-trip with a fresh modern sound. It’s available for free download on the White Denim website, along with a few other tracks.

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