Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Telesterion

The compilation Telesterion has an overwhelming number of tracks that outline Omar Rodriguez Lopez’s entire solo career. The collection alters between songs with sweet female vocals vs. aggressive psychedelic rock tunes. Most songs are characteristic of Omar’s main project The Mars Volta. Yet, surprisingly songs like “Lunes” and “Poicare” are melancholic and minimalist, with simple guitar progressions and poetic lyrics. The female vocals in these songs resemble young Latin singers like Javiera Mena. The other group of songs which are more true to Omar’s classic progressive rock, are electric and edgy. The vocals resemble the bad-ass tone of The Strokes yet balance off with a groovy Latin swing. “Agua dulce de pulpo” is raw and aggressive with bare animal vocals and free drums. Another song that characterizes Omar’s psychedelic side is “The Palpitations form a limit”. It seems like an homage to Led Zeppelin, with expressive vocals and crazy guitar solos. Honestly some songs aren’t my cup of tea, but the entire compilation seems like a massive musical effort worth recognizing.

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