Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deerhoof vs. Evil

Deerhoof has always been unpredictable. Normally it’s because their sound blasts out of nowhere and shifts between one explosion to another. Yet this album is unpredictable for the contrary reasons. Deerhoof vs. Evil, brings out a calm, smooth sound to the band’s natural electrifying noise rock. Some songs are sinister, noise ambiences over melodic guitar pickings; others genuinely beautiful instrumentals and sweet vocals. For instance, "No One Asked to Dance" is completely unexpected with beautiful, delicate vocals and a Spanish-like guitar.
Yet even though their music seems more emotional and easy, they still retain hard riffs and dynamic melody changes in many of their songs.

‘The Merry Barracks’ and ‘Let’s dance Jet’ make my heart pump fast for their traditional harsh industrial noise. Other songs like ‘Behold a Marvel in the Darkness’ present the perfect balance between nice indie melodies and their experimental edge.
Each of the members of the band is as eccentric as their music. Satomi Matsuzaki, directly imported from Japan, is key to the Deerhoof experience. It is always hard to say whether she is singing in English or Japanese yet her nonsense lyrics and incomprehensible words is one of the reasons their music is so original. With this album Deerhoof proves they can be both frantically wild, yet delicate and sweet.

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