Monday, January 31, 2011

MIXTAPE: Boston + Philadelphia

My favorite distraction from wallowing in my own "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired" misery is making mixes. Last semester I wrote about the site 8tracks, a place where you can upload your own virtual mix tapes. While wrapped in my Emerson blanket, surrounded by tissues, I made one consisting of some super tracks by local Boston and Philly bands. We'll be incorporating our DIY favorites into our New Music Show on WECB so stay tuned! We're going back on air tomorrow February 1st!

Track Listing:

1. 100% Fuck Yes Style Happy//Thief Thief
2. Everyone We Know// TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb
3. Asa Nisi Masa// You Need New Glasses
4. Octopus// Pile
5. Remember, That in Order to Allow the Separation from Time We Chose to Create the Suffering That Lies Before Us. We Deserve it.// Ominous Black
6. You Can Hide// DOOMSTAR!
7. De Civitate Dei// Da Comrade!
8. Holy Hail!// Arvid Noe

now back to drinking lots of fluids...


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