Sunday, November 20, 2011

Real Estate - Days

I'll admit I was nervous about Real Estate’s newest album, only because they have such a strong track record. Their Atlantic City Expressway EP and Reality 7” were both flawlessly arranged and performed with a carefree, meditative ease unmatched by any other band I know. But from the first track off Days, “Easy”, I knew Real Estate had exceeded my expectations.
Days is the natural next step for the Brooklyn based band. Pastoral melodies interlace with gauzy, soothing harmonies to create ten tracks that are sure to put your mind at ease. Even instrumental tracks devoid of Martin Courtney’s hauntingly gorgeous vocals, such as “Kinder Blumen” resonate with the placidity and joy of a day spent in the beautiful outdoors. The album shows that their skill as musicians has improved over the years, as their songs get more complicated and layered with more percussive instruments included.
“Wonder Years” switches it up with bassist Alex Bleeker providing deeper, brooding vocals. It has a very Byrds-esque feel to it, and it keeps with Real Estate’s close-to-nature vibe with some psychedelic sounds thrown in. Real Estate is awesome because their sound fits in anywhere, geographically speaking. “Younger Than Yesterday” has a more alt-country feel to it, while other tracks are more surfy..and yet others channel the chill and grayness of New England. And their songs have a perennial charm - perfect for summer adventures or staying in during a snowstorm.
This is definitely an album you’ll play over and over again. Every track is different from the rest, but Days plays seamlessly. A perfect musical accompaniment for sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes and hour long cuddle sessions.

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