Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PUJOL "Nasty, Brutish, and Short" [[FREE SONG DOWNLOAD]]

PUJOL, garage rock from Nashville local Daniel Pujol is slamming you with his philosophies in his latest EP, "Nasty, Brutish, and Short."
Pujol and his band of hooligans have been churning out EP's, full lengths, and singles constantly for the last two years, this being their 10th in that time. Working with some stellar labels, Infinity Cat, Third Man Records, and now, Saddle Creek, they'll blast you with their riffs and hooks, and hold the power of the garage rock up in its raspy glory. 
Breaking right into the EP with "Mayday" [[free download]], brings you Pujols signature noise infested growl with rhythmic shredding and to-the-bone groovy bass.
Pujol projects his beliefs at you with serious concern and purpose. Ideas and opinions, apparent in each track, are here to inform you and if we're lucky, make a much deserved impact. And sure, Pujol is fun and games too, hanging with girls and smoking weed like the rest of us, but their existential topics combined with knowledge of current events and hot button political issues prove these garage rockers can bring you more than distorted chords and a pulsing temple.
"Stuff" lyrics like, "I must be constant with what i believe in, if I'm not consistent with what I believe in then I live a lie" could help america's youth in revolt figure out how to handle themselves in these disorderly times. 
More than their goofy demeanor, Pujol will advise you and educate you. Distortion with a purpose, thundering rhythms, integrity and drive, these guys have already had praise from Spin, the Boston Phoenix, the Brooklyn Vegan and producer Jack White who put out "Too Safe" on Third Man Records. They are voicing our generations frustrations through booze-soaked vocals, catchy hooks, and atypical themes. Playing CMJ, an upcoming tour with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Pujol's going to blow up your blogs and take your brain hostage.

Highlight Tracks: Tiny Gods, Stuff, Scully

- Montana Hauser

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