Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Generationals - Trust EP

The only phrase I can come up with to describe The Generationals Trust EP is “high energy boredom”. Throughout it’s entirety both the male and female vocals sound ja-ja-ja-jaded which in many cases I would consider a deal breaker; However in contrast to the mildly dynamic fast paced instrumentals it works. The music itself is a blend of analog and synth… something I have a definite weak spot for. Not to mention how welcomed hearing some Hi-Fi produced surf guitar was for a change (on track 4 “Trust”). Overall I’d describe it as a mixture of The Unicorns, Vampire Weekend, Eux Autres, and Why?.

One thing is for sure, this entire EP is damn catchy, I recommend it to anyone who really needs something easy and new to listen to.

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