Monday, December 6, 2010

Charles Schlarb - Psychic Temple

Psychic Temple is mood music for people who don’t want to be told how to feel. Schlarb chips his brand of whispy, ambient rock off the all-too-easy-to-replicate post-rock block. The key to his saving distinction is prominent percussion; the drums writhe on the cold floor while the guitars melt into memory foam for what seems like eight hours (but is actually about ten minutes) of confused limbo. The 4-song, 33-minute album can be your best friend during finals; the cloudy keys and slippery guitars are calming enough to lull you away from Bubble Spinner, but the drums jar you awake and back to your half-done study guide whenever you start to drift off. The songs are extravagantly long and experience very little structural variation, but the dynamics and artful discrepancies make this album worth dragging into your library for a few listens in December (and again in May).

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