Sunday, September 19, 2010

Album Review: No Age - Everything In Between

No Age sure do love that fuzzy guitar sound. It was all over their early EP’s and it was all over their 2008 breakout album, Nouns. So it should be no surprise to anyone that their latest LP, Everything In Between, brings back the crunchy, crackling, noisy sound that No Age have become known for. However, that being said, Everything In Between is certainly an album that shows growth for the band as it brings a cleaner, and slightly more poppy sound then their previous releases. Opener “Life Prowler” is a low-key jam with an infectious bass-line and repetitive chorus that is guaranteed to get stuck in your heard. First single “Glitter” is one of the most poppy songs on the album and as odd as it sounds, the song bares a slight resemblance to early Smashing Pumpkins tracks. That is meant to be a compliment. “Fever Dreaming”, “Depletion” and “Skinned”, “Shred And Transcend” are all great, classic-sounding No Age songs. Noise, feedback, vocals that sound as though they are being recording from behind a pillow, it’s all there. Unfortunately, the album looses some steam towards the end with a string of dull tracks in “Sorts”, “Dusted” and “Positive Amputation”. However, the band is able to end on a high note, as album-closer, “Chem Trails” (no, it’s not a Beck cover), is one of the album’s highlights. It’s a cute and crunchy little song that features members Dean Spunt and Randy Randall alternating singing duties during the verses. Overall, Everything In Between is a fun and enjoyable album that I recommend. The band has certainly accomplished the sometimes difficult task of evolving their sound without losing what made them special in the first place. No Age will be playing at The Middle East Downstairs on November 16th with Lucky Dragons.

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