Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goldfrapp - The Singles

I first heard of Goldfrapp back in 2005, when duo Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory released their enchanting dance-pop album Supernature. Saturated in complex synths, steady beats, and Alison’s signature sensual soprano vocals, I felt as though I’d fallen into a glossy electro dream. Eager to lounge in more lush digital landscapes, I checked out their previous releases Felt Mountain and Black Cherry, which did not disappoint. 2008’s Seventh Tree brought acoustic guitars and a folky, relaxed vibe, while 2010’s Head First picked up the pace with a Xanadu-esque toe-tapping collection of retro tunes.

Including tracks from all five albums, The Singles gives a real sense of Goldfrapp’s evolution over the past twelve years. For current fans, the compilation includes two brand new tracks: the delicious synth-pop of “Yellow Halo” and the cinematic “Melancholy Sky”. The Singles serves as a pleasant retrospective for old fans, and an excellent introduction for new ones.

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